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 Fall Kale & Root Vegetable Salad 

Our Food

Comforting favorites and exciting new flavors

We hope you enjoy our charming and welcoming spot in your neighborhood to enjoy a meal that combines a blend of comforting favorites with exciting new flavors. Meals that are nutritious, balanced, and above all... delicious.


Asian Chicken Salad

A hand holding a branded paper bag



Muffuletta Panini
on Focaccia Bread


Butternut Squash Soup


Caprese Salad

Quality Ingredients

Balanced Meals

Order On the Go


Food from a Food Lover

Growing up, all important and non-important family memories happened in the kitchen. Family and friends gathered in a big open kitchen talking, laughing, crying, whispering... most of my family memories are in my grandmother's kitchen.

Her kitchen was the hub of my childhood, lessons, stories, and the occasional juicy piece of gossip came with the aroma of something savory on the stove and a conversation quickly interrupted with "taste this, it needs something" as bodies smoothly move around between the stove, the sink, the fridge, and the spice cabinet. 


As life changes and there's big moves, new houses, new challenges, and adventures. Food is still an important constant, as I meet new people and visit new places, it's my preferred way to experience my surroundings. It's how I explore new cultures along my travels as well as the way I share my own with people I care about.

Mimo Bistro is the amalgamation of the best of those memories served for you to enjoy.

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